Mensan is a specialty chemicals company operating in chemical materials and textile industry. Founded in 1987 by Bahadır R. Mengü in Istanbul, Mensan is managed with a quality and solution driven service vision in the chemical materials and textile industry. The company’s successful history has led Mensan to be perceived as one of the long standing chemical corporations in Turkey.

Mensan provides production, warehousing, and representation services in the Turkish market with respect to its collaborations with global companies under textile chemicals, flexible packaging, cable, pigment and iron&steel industries. Since its foundation, Mensan ‘s leading reputation is based on a client-oriented and productivity-targeted business model.

Mensan conducts the Turkish territory representations of Evonik, Biotex, Rekim in the textile chemicals industry; Paramelt, Cartonal in the flexible packaging industry; Geca Tapes in the cable industry and Diacolor in the pigment industry. Developing a long lasting synergy between leading global companies it represents per category, Mensan provides service on the basis of client satisfaction and credibility.